Visa Check Card

Visa Check Card

Your PSB VISA® Debit Card works just like a credit card except your purchases are deducted directly from your checking account. It also functions as your ATM card. You'll enjoy the added security and convenience that your debit card provides. 

It can be used at millions of locations worldwide for virtually anything you want, and you'll be able to pay quickly and easily - no more fumbling for checks or change. Use your PIN (Personal Identification Number) to get cash and make purchases wherever you see the "VISA®",  "Accel", or Cirrus® logo. You can also sign for purchases wherever VISA® is accepted.


Lost or Stolen Debit Cards

To report a Lost or Stolen Visa Check Card, please call  1-803-943-2671 or 1-800-943-6703


Instant Issue Debit Cards

We now offer instant issue debit cards to our customers for a fee - $15   Just come into your nearest branch and receive a new or replacement debit card right on the spot.

 Your new debit card is ready to use the second you walk out of the branch. No calling to activate, No waiting for the mail, No worries. 


ALERT!!- Due to large amounts of fraudulent debit card transactions originating in these locations, the following restrictions have been placed:


  •  Ohio, California, Texas, Illinois and New Jersey, has been blocked for Visa Check card "Credit" transactions.  Only Debit or PIN based transactions will work in these states. 

                This also applies to online transactions with companies located within these states.

  • The Dominican Republic has been blocked to all Visa Debit card transactions, both debit and credit.
  • Italy has been blocked to all Visa Debit card transaction, both Debit and Credit

We regret this inconvenience, but feel it is necessary for both your protection as well as the bank's.  If you are traveling to any of these states, please feel free to contact your local branch for assistance.