Personal Savings

Saving for your first home? Your child's education? A new car? The most basic of all services a bank can provide is a safe and secure account to let your money grow. Palmetto State Bank offers a variety of savings accounts from regular savings to higher-yielding certificates of deposit to help you meet your savings goals.

Money Market Checking Account

Let your money work for you. The money market account offers tiered interest rates that are based on your average available balance and are competitive with national money market funds. You may make no more than a total of six of the following types of transactions from your money market account per monthly statement cycle:  preauthorized withdrawals, automatic, internet, or telephone transfers, checks, drafts or similar transactions. However, transactions made in – person at the bank are unlimited. A $5.00 excess check charge will apply to each withdrawal type exceeding the six per statement cycle limit.  No monthly fees apply as long as you maintain a $1,000.00 minimum balance. If the average available balance falls below $1,000.00 during the monthly statement cycle, a service charge of $10.00 will apply.

Regular Savings

It's ideal because it offers flexibility and easy access to your money. There is a $100 minimum initial deposit and you may have three withdrawals per quarter with no charge. The fee is only $1.00 per withdrawal after that. In order to avoid a $3.00 service charge, you must maintain a $100 average balance.